Our Team

Our network model increases our performance, agility, and efficiency

We build on the power of the network model.

Our resourcing approach is effective, efficient, agile, and scalable.

Our Core Team.

Strategy, Programme Management, Product & Channel Development

We pull together and coordinate the partners and resources needed to launch, scale, and operate businesses in new categories.

We bring experience from brand licensing, industry, professional services, & consultancy.

We’ve worked with on Brand Licensing programmes with Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Budweiser, and Jeep.  Our experience covers markets from Asia to Europe and the US, and from Luxury to Mass.  We know what works with the traditional Agency approach – and what doesn’t.  And we’re putting that knowledge to good use

Our core team is augmented by our value chain partners. Find out more about our agency.

Our Expert Advisors.

Our Expert Advisors provide us with access to a strong networks of capabilities, across Europe, Asia, and the US, in everything from product development and sourcing to luxury retail.

Our Advisors work with us to turn ideas into reality. They’re experts in their field, with track records of successfully bringing products to market.  They’ve worked for brand owners, manufacturers, and retailers.  They have the connections to make things happen, and they understand what’s needed to take products to retail and build a sustainable market position.

  • Our Category Experts are all product people.  They bring expertise in range planning, product development, sourcing, and manufacture.
  • Our Retail Consultants bring deep channel / retail expertise and connections, and insight into local market dynamics.
  • Our network of Licensing Consultants support us as we develop and build our Brand Extension programmes.

Our Associates.

Our Associates are specialists in their field and we work flexibly with them to deliver our programmes.

  • Legal and Intellectual Property
  • Customer Insight
  • Digital Design
  • Marketing Communications

Our innovation agency help brands to develop, launch, scale, and operate businesses in new Categories.

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