How we work

We’re Innovative, Agile, Strategic, & Connected 

We’re an innovation agency with a singular focus on Brand Extension.

We bring a fresh approach to new product innovation.

We’ve worked on Brand Licensing programmes for leading brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, and Coca-Cola.  We’ve covered consumer markets from Europe to Asia and the US, at all levels of retail.  We know what works – and what doesn’t – and we’ve developed a better approach.


We’re Innovative

We’ve re-engineered the Brand Licensing model

The traditional Brand Licensing Agencies push a ‘fully outsourced’ approach, which limits brand owner control and financial returns.

Our innovative approach increases brand owner control, brand integration, capabilities, and financial returns.


We’re Agile & Independent

We’re fast, flexible, & collaborative

Our control and visibility over the route-to-market makes us agile and responsive to market feedback.

We’re independent – we don’t need to seek approval from a parent company or investors, and once we make a decision, we can act on it immediately.

We don’t suffer the conflicts of interest which Agencies owned by Manufacturers or Ad Agencies inevitably face.

And we work fast and collaboratively, using Agile techniques (adapted from the Technology industry) to make sure every product we develop meets a consumer and retail need.


We’re Strategic

Our approach is grounded in proven approaches to strategy & innovation.

Traditional Agencies focus on pushing products through the approvals process.  The strategies our competitors employ are often little more than wish-lists of target categories, retailers, and territories, which collapse in the face of market realities.

We’ve worked with global consumer brands from Orange to Coca-Cola, and we know what it takes to successfully develop and execute strategy.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of strategy and innovation models, frameworks and techniques.

  • Insight & Research – Consumer, Category, Channel & Territory
  • Corporate Strategy – Defining Where to Play & How to Win
  • Strategic Marketing – Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
  • Brand Portfolio & Brand Architecture – Brand-building methodologies used by Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, & AB Inbev
  • Strategic Planning – Business Plan Forecasts, Modelling & Evaluation
  • Operational Strategy – Tactical execution
  • Integrated Marketing Management – Objectives, Audiences, media Selection & Scheduling, Evaluation

For more about how we put strategy into action, see what we do


We’re a Network.

Our partner network covers key categories, markets, and stages in the value chain.

Our asset-light network model keep us agile and efficient, and gives us freedom to work with the best external partners.

By partnering with experts, we improve the reach, effectiveness, and efficiency of our Brand Extension programmes.

Our network model brings deep category and channel expertise.

We benefit from the category & channel expertise, and the scale economies that come from working with specialists.

And our network operating model is infinitely scalable and flexible  – unlike the traditional Agencies, we’re never constrained by internal assets.  We can pull in any capability we need to make things happen


Our innovation agency help brands to develop, launch, scale, and operate businesses in new Categories.

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