We help brands
build new businesses
in new product categories

We’re an innovation agency with a singular focus on Brand Extension.

We partner with brand owners to develop, launch, scale and operate businesses in new product categories.

Brand Extension

Brand Extension is a true marketing vehicle, capable of driving revenue growth and building brand equity

Extending a brand into new product categories can bring significant benefits.

Our Modular Approach

We’ve re-engineered the Brand Licensing business model to increase control, capabilities, and financial returns.

Brand licensing is a proven route to market for brand extension, but the traditional licensing model can result in poor control and financial returns for the brand owner. That’s why we’ve developed a different approach.

Our Agency

We’re Innovative, Agile, Strategic, & Connected.

Our agency is custom-built to deliver our unique approach to brand licensing.

Our Services

We work with brand owners to develop, launch, scale, and operate businesses in new product categories.

Our Team

Our network model increases our performance, agility, and efficiency

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